Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed. 2007
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Goldman Cecil Medicine: Expert Consult
Lee Goldman, Dennis Arthur Ausiello, William Arend, James O. Armitage
ISBN-10: 1416028056
ISBN-13: 978-1416028055

Ranks among the best medical textbooks in longevity, comprehensiveness, tradition, and use by practitioners and students alike....



Textbook of Tinnitus, 1st ed. 2011
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Textbook of Tinnitus
Aage R. Møller, Berthold Langguth, Dirk DeRidder, Tobias Kleinjung
ISBN-10: 1607611449
ISBN-13: 978-1607611448

Groundbreaking, comprehensive, and developed by a panel of leading international experts in the field, Textbook of Tinnitus provides a multidisciplinary overview of the diagnosis and management of this widespread and troubling disorder. Importantly, the book emphasizes that tinnitus is not one disease but a group of rather diverse disorders with different pathophysiology, different causes and, consequently, different treatments. This comprehensive title is written for clinicians and researchers by clinicians and researchers who are active in the field. It is logically organized in six sections and will be of interest to otolaryngologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, primary care clinicians, audiologists and psychologists. Textbook of Tinnitus describes both the theoretical background of the different forms of tinnitus and it provides detailed knowledge of the state-of-the-art of its treatment. Because of its organization and its extensive subject index, Textbook of Tinnitus can also serve as a reference for clinicians who do not treat tinnitus patients routinely.



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Study Ties Suicide Rate in Work Force to Economy
New York Times
By BENEDICT CAREY The suicide rate increased 3 percent in the 2001 recession and has generally ridden the tide of the economy since the Great Depression, rising in bad times and falling in good ones, according to a comprehensive government analysis ...
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Weight Loss Drugs: Public Citizen Calls for Ban on Alli, Xenical
ABC News
By LARA SALAHI The weight loss drugs Alli and Xenical should be removed from the market because of the growing risk of side effects that include liver damage, pancreatitis and kidney stones, according to the consumer watchdog Public Citizen. ...
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Tumour vaccine will be ready by 2013-end
Times of India
A ''universal'' vaccine, which is part of a new generation of drugs that use the body's own defenses to fight the disease, stopping tumours in their tracks, could be available in just two years. The TeloVac jab could revolutionise the treatment of ...
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J&J Recalls Topamax Bottles After Odor Reports
Wall Street Journal
(Updates throughout with details on the recall, company comments.) By Jon Kamp Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES A Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) unit is recalling two lots of its Topamax anti-seizure drug after getting complaints about an unusual odor potentially ...
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Studies Highlight Challenge of Controlling Resistant Bacteria in Hospitals
By Amanda Gardner WEDNESDAY, April 13 (HealthDay News) -- Two new studies highlight the complexities hospitals face in controlling and containing the spread of potentially lethal bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics. ...
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Sick Ga. toddler in Ohio for treatment of disorder
Newsday (subscription)
By AP Quick ReadGa. kid who drew attention when girls raising money for him were robbed is in Ohio cialis Photo credit: AP | April Varnadoe, of Warner Robins, Ga., holds her son, Logan, 2, who has a rare intestinal disorder and will undergo surgery, ...
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Newsday (subscription)
OK gov turns down insurance exchange federal grant
By TIM TALLEY , 04.14.11, 05:55 PM EDT OKLAHOMA CITY -- Gov. Mary Fallin reversed course Thursday by rejecting a $54.6 million federal grant to help create a health insurance exchange for uninsured Oklahoma residents that is required by the new federal ...
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U. of C. nurses authorize strike
Chicago Tribune
AP Union nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center have voted to authorize a strike if their bargaining demands aren't met. Lead negotiator Jan Rodolfo of National Nurses United says the hospital's 1300 registered nurses voted overwhelmingly for ...
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Federal government acts after James Tyree's death
Chicago Tribune
News that the federal government had threatened to strip a key financial lifeline at the University of Chicago Medical Center after the death of Chicago business executive James Tyree reflects how seriously the government and health industry are ...
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Want to Sharpen Your Mind? Drop a Few Pounds
By Alice Park Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 0 comments Yes, it turns out that in addition to being bad for your heart, carrying excess weight may impair cognitive functions such as memory and attention. Losing weight, therefore, may help improve these ...
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New Health Care Advocacy Group Launches With $5 Million In The ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON -- The newest health care advocacy campaign already has millions of dollars in the bank. Launched by Democratic lawmakers and reform proponents, the two-part program is meant to frame the debate around the law during the 2012 ...
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Health Wonk Review | The Health Care Blog
By Matthew Holt
Health Wonk Review is up at David Williams Health Business Blog. THCB even makes a rare appearance! (Hopefully we'll be appearing a little more frequently in the future…) Email This Post · Post to Twitter Tweet this · Post to Facebook ...
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Daily Kos: House Republicans vote to defund health care and ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)
Consider if one or more of these tags fits your diary: Civil Rights, community, Congress, Culture, Economy, Education, Elections, Energy, Environment, Health Care, International, Labor, Law, media, Meta, National Security, Science, ...
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Health Business Blog » Blog Archive » Health Wonk Review –April 14 ...
By David E. Williams of the Health business blog
It's not such a wonderful time to be a doctor, patient, hospital, health plan or pharma company, but judging by the quality and quantity of entries received for this edition of the HWR, it's a wonderful time to be a wonk. ...
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How Noise Impacts Your Health | Mark's Daily Apple
By Mark Sisson
Do you feel inundated with clamor? Bothered by loud, obtrusive ruckus? Unnerved by the incessant racket of your neighborhood, your city, humanity and all its.
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